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image credit: Doctor Popularimage credit: Doctor Popular

image credit: Doctor Popular

There are some things I never imagined myself writing, some phrases that are simply too surreal. One such example is:

Professional yo-yoer receives lucrative sponsorship from shoe company

And yet it is true!

Circuit-bender/crafter/rapper/cartoonist/yo-yo ninja/longtime friend of GeekDad Doctor Popular just announced that he has reached a sponsorship agreement with Colchester Rubber Co. Why would a shoe company sponsor a pro yo-yoer? I have no idea, but apparently it went down like this:

A few weeks ago I placed an order for a size 12 pair of Colchester Rubber Co. shoes. After exchanging a few emails with lines like “Your shoes have shipped.” and “Your not really a professional yo-yoer… are you?” I was offered my first highly lucrative shoe sponsorship.

I’m being totally for serious… I’m now sponsored by the Colchester Rubber Co., the makers of the original basketball sneaker!

While Colchester has taken some heat regarding the whole “original basketball sneaker” thing, we at GeekDad congratulate them and Doc Pop on finding true sponsorship love. To celebrate this blessed union the duo are offering their original Alpha sneaker for $18.92. This offer is for a limited time only, though, so act now if you want to snatch up some fresh new kicks on the cheap!

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