Star Wars Minis Go Out with a Bang

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Image: Wizards of the CoastImage: Wizards of the Coast

Image: Wizards of the Coast

All things must come to an end, and unfortunately, Wizard of the Coast’s Star Wars Miniatures game concludes with its final installment, Masters of the Force, which releases April 4th.

It’s a fitting finale — MotF packs forty heroes and villains ranging from Solo to Yoda to Vader. It even features the ferocious monsters heretofore encountered only in Han Solo’s chess game. What a great combination!

As I mentioned in reviews of previous releases Jedi Academy and Legacy of the Force, this game plays like a RPG without any rulebooks needed beyond the single-sheeter provided with the starter packs. Each figure has a corresponding card that describes the character’s special abilities and stats.

And even if you don’t want to play the game, the figures — which are pre-painted and ready to play — can be used for other games. For instance, I enjoy using the figures for Shadowrun sessions.

And so, here are GeekDad’s three exclusive spoilers, after the break:

Lando! How sweet is that? And he’s kinda shifty and sneaky, just like in Episode V.
Legendary dark lord Freedon Nadd was a dangerous enemy of the Jedi in life, but his ghost wreaked a lot more havoc before it dissipated!

Remember the hologram monsters? Well, the Ng’ok is one of these and it’s nasty!

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