Shutterfly Now Allows You To Turn Your Family Photos Into Jumbo-Sized Wall Decals

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I have a bit of a history with personalizing my kids’ rooms, so when Shutterfly offered the chance to try out their new service, which lets you turn one of your family photos into a large, personalized wall decal, I jumped. The process was simple and took only a couple of minutes: I selected a photo of my daughters from our gigabyte-rich photo library and uploaded it to my Shutterfly account. Using their tools, I cropped the photo closely around my girls and submitted it with a couple of notes. Shutterfly took care of masking out the background. About a week later, a shipping tube arrived on my doorstep with my wall decal.

The end result was pretty good – while the output seemed to be a bit darker than the image I sent in, the masking was pretty impressive, especially around the strands of my daughters’ hair. Installation was really easy, which surprised me because I anticipated having a little trouble getting such a large decal to adhere to the wall without any wrinkles or air bubbles. But after a couple of easy adjustments, it was on the wall and looking good.

Shutterfly’s printing process outputs the wall decal on a very nice quality fabric paper, which not only looks good on the wall, but also uses a special adhesive that allows you to remove and re-apply the decal without damaging your walls. The wall decals come in 3 sizes, ranging from three to five feet in height and $59.99 to $99.99 in price, and are a great way to personalize your kids’ bedrooms, basement or play room.

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