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The apps I have on my iPhone mostly fall into one of two categories, apps that my kids like to play and apps that I use. There’s not much overlap. But there is one game that consistently gets giggles from both me and my children. Slide-A-Ma-Jig is a fun little game from Lucky Radish Studio‘s Chuck Gamble.

The premise of Slide-A-Ma-Jig is simple: slide the hat (or horns or antennae or …), head, torso, legs and feet to create a variety of strange and unusual creatures. But, with 30 complete characters with 5 variables each, the number of combinations you can create is seemingly endless. Our preferred method is to shake the phone to generate a random creature. Show it to everyone else, laugh, then pass the phone to the next person – it’s great fun!

Creator Chuck Gamble is a bit of a GeekDad himself. As a designer and illustrator, he’s been involved with various films, animations and games over the years. But Slide-A-Ma-Jig is his first forray into iPhone territory.

Chuck says, “I was looking to create a game for my daughters and was inspired by those old mix-n-match cards sets I had as a kid. I started working up drawings and was reminded of what I DIDN’T like about those card sets. The characters were only divided into 3 parts and those parts didn’t always match up very well. So I worked really hard at improving that formula by dividing the characters into 5 parts and making sure the parts matched up as flawlessly as possible. My daughters are actually in the game as the Herpetologist and the BubbleGum Wrangler – their current professions of choice!”

Slide-A-Ma-Jig is updated regularly and is available for the super low price of just 99 cents at the iTunes store.

BONUS-MA-JIG: The generous Mr. Gamble has given us 5 codes for a free copy of Slide-A-Ma-Jig. If you’d like to give this great game a try – on Chuck’s dime – leave a comment below & we’ll pick five lucky winners at random. Edit: Thanks for entering, the contest is now closed. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

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