New Year’s Ball Drop X 11,000

Hacking the Holidays

Roanoke Ball Drop

The Science Museum of Western Virginia in Roanoke, Va., is located on the fourth and fifth floors of a downtown building with an atrium. For New Year’s they encouraged kids and adults to line the stairs and balcony walls and drop balls to ring in the new year. To make it more kid-friendly, the drop was at 12 noon. They said there were 11,000 balls and having seen the chaos that ensued, I can believe it.

We were stationed on the ground floor, where I hoped my Superball-loving Geeklet would get a good view of the big bounce. While the folks up top had the fun of dropping balls from five stories up, we had the wild experience of being inside the ricochet zone. Yep, I took a couple of hits, but it was worth it — especially when we started scooping up the balls.

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