I Think the Word You’re Searching for is Lego Space Ranger

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Our postman braved the frozen wasteland that our sleepy suburb has become, trudging through this morning’s snow and ice to deliver us the January 2010 Lego catalog. Always a good day where bedtime stories are abandoned in favor of a careful perusal of what new sets the catalogue has to offer, and what new sets indeed! This issue sees the arrival of Toy Story Lego!


Promotional image via Lego

There are six sets in this release of Lego Toy Story suitable for ages 6-12 and 7-14. Firstly we have “Woody and Buzz to the Rescue”, recreating the chase on the RC car at the end of the first movie. Woody and Buzz minifigs are included and the car has a pull back motor.

The premium set of the range seems to be “Woody’s Round-up”. Containing 502 pieces, it recreates the scene of the titular TV show and includes Bullseye, Woody, Jessie and Stinky Pete minifigs.

The Buzz versus Zurg battle is given the Lego treatment in the “Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship” set, a fairly chunky looking spaceship that comes with Buzz and Emperor Zurg minifigs.

Stepping away from the minifig scale, two sets are offered which allow construction of larger models of both Buzz and Zurg. These sets are known as “Construct-a-Buzz” and “Construct-a-Zurg” respectively. Both of these sets come with an Alien minifig.

Finally we have “Army Men on Patrol”. The minifig Army Men come equipped with a jeep, stretcher and their equipment. I predict a healthy aftermarket for these figures on eBay – imagine an army of minifig Army Men taking on an army of minfig Stormtroopers, or Knights or Pirates. . . Why are Lego minifig Army Men better than regular Army Men? You shouldn’t even have to ask. . . .

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