Help Out Haiti: Bid at a Roddenberry Estate Auction

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Logo © Rod Roddenberry

Lots of people sell off stuff that used to belong to their parents after their parents pass away. Some of those people, surely, donate the money they raise to worthy charities. But it’s safe to say that you haven’t ever seen an estate auction quite like this before, mostly because most people’s parents didn’t create and act on Star Trek.

Rod Roddenberry, who was Gene and Majel Roddenberry’s only child (Gene had two daughters from an earlier marriage), has decided to auction off some of his parents’ things to raise money for Haiti relief. Only a few of the items are overtly Star Trek-related; most of them are fairly prosaic. But I think it’s safe to say, for most geeks, a set of golf clubs (for example) does gain a certain amount of interest if you can honestly say that they used to belong to Gene Roddenberry.

There’s a wide variety of items, from a script of Majel’s lines as the ship’s computer for an episode of The Next Generation to several collections of assorted books. The auction is being run via Facebook comments, so you will have to have a Facebook account to bid. 100% of the auction’s proceeds are promised to go to (a site run by Jimmy Jean-Louis, better known as “the Haitian” on Heroes, and who is actually Haitian).

The auction is scheduled to end at 11:59 PST on Friday, January 29. New items are being added to it every day, so check back between now and then in case something new strikes your fancy.

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