Radical Publishing Raises the Bar on Comics

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Radical Publishing is a relatively new company offering comics, graphic novels and art books. In their first two years they’ve recruited a host of great comics creators (including one of my personal favorites, Warren Ellis), and their offerings are decidely different from most of what you’ll find from Marvel or DC. Radical’s universe covers a variety of subjects “from mythological and iconic tales to genre-based crime, science fiction, supernatural, horror and fantasy themes.” I’ve gotten to glance through samples of several of their lines, and I’m pleased to report that not a single one looks like your typical superhero comic.

Not that I’m knocking superheroes—I’ll read any Batman comic you hand me—but I’ve always been disappointed that (with a few exceptions) the artwork inside a comic is so different from the cover. Radical’s comics, though, have artwork that will blow you away: it’s like page after page of cover art. They’ve got comics about Hercules, vampires, space epics, and even one that sets King Arthur in the Old West. (One note: their comics do look, at least at first glance, like they’re intended for older readers—this is definitely not Owly!)

Radical generously provided GeekDad with samples of a few of their comics, so look for reviews in the next few weeks from various contributors!

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