Comics Spotlight on Batman & Sons


Happy Comic Release Day!

In this holiday season, it seemed appropriate to focus on something that can be enjoyed for free and in the spirit of the holidays.


Batman & Sons is a web comic that is an adorable riff on Batman as the father of not only three Robins–Dick, Jason and Tim–but little baby Terry from Batman Beyond. Officially, DC has the Tiny Titans but I like this fan comic better.

Most of the humor comes from Batman as the harried but loving father of four boys who don’t always get along. For instance, as above, Jason is the bad boy. Other DC comic characters and their offspring also make appearances.

It can also be touching, as in this strip about Terry’s mommy.

What Kids Will Like About It:

Pretty much everything. It’s fun and silly and they’ll love the boys trying to one-up each other and get their Dad’s attention.

What Parents Will Like About It:

There are some great Easter eggs for those who love the DC universe, like Jason loving guns or with the differences in Green Arrow’s boys. In one story, Oliver orders Connor to do something underhanded and he refuses, so Oliver asks Roy to do it instead, and little Roy readily agrees.

I always come away from this comic with a smile.

Best Strip: It’s not so much one panel as one of the short stories. Father’s Day.

About the Creator: Batman & Sons was posted by the black cat on July 4, 2008, over at deviantart. She makes no effort to profit from the comic and considers the strip a fan-made hobby just for fun.

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