Best of the Geek Decade – Toys and Videogames

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This list is short on physical toys, except for the ever-popular Legos, and long on videogames. Did we mention our kids are geeks?

One interesting element: The various videogame versions of Star Wars are well-loved. The movies, which didn’t make that list, not so much.

Our kids love them so much, we bent the new to the decade ruleOur kids love them so much, we bent the new to the decade rule

Our kids love them so much, we bent the "new to the decade" rule

Best Toys:

Bakugan (Ken’s kids) More dueling manga-inspired fun!

Nerf Vulcan (Ken’s kids) It’s a big Nerf gun. What could be better?

Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank (Tony’s son, 5) George Lucas may have trouble with movies but he makes excellent toys and videogames.

Lego (Kevin’s son, 9), with a special mention of any Star Wars-themed Lego sets from my eldest son. At one point, they covered all the surfaces in his room.)

Nintendo DSi handheld (If all else fails, you can play with the camera says my youngest son, 10)

Wii console (Corrina’s kids) This is the game that my kids love because they can beat me at everything.

Best Videogames:

Star Wars Lego Games (Corrina’s oldest son)

Star Wars Battlefront, 1 and 2 (Corrina’s oldest son.)

Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii (Corrina’s younger daughter)

Mario Kart Wii (Brent) Driving was never so much fun.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Ken’s kids)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Ken’s kids)

The Beatles Rock Band (John’s daughter, 12) According to my husband, who doesn’t play videogames, this one was the coolest idea ever. However, we’ve yet to find it for our house. Make more!

Halo 3, especially Forge level editing (Lonnie’s kids)

Naruto Ultimate Ninja (Dave G’s son, 15)

Drawn To Life (Dave G’s daughter, 9)

BioShock (Kathy’s kids, 14 and 17) Has a sophisticated narrative.

Portal (ditto) Just really funny!

Wario Master of Disguise (Kevin’s son, 9)

Spore (Kevin’s sons, 9 and 6)

Dewey’s Adventure (Kevin’s son, age 9)

Mario Party 8 (Kevin’s sons, 9 and 6)

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