Why my Family Isn’t Getting the H1N1 Vaccine

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Image: commons.wikimedia.orgImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Okay – there’s been lots and lots of interest in vaccinations on wired.com recently. Here’s a well-reasoned explanation as to why one reasonably smart and well-informed family won’t be getting flu shots this year.

First, my disclaimers – I’m not an anti-vaccination advocate, and all of my children have been vaccinated per school requirements. However, we have not vaccinated our daughters against HPV (Gardasil) and have no plans to.

Earlier this year (read very early July) – my oldest child come back from a foreign country. Soon after, said child and another person on the trip were sick. The other was confirmed H1N1. A couple of days later our youngest two were exhibiting classic symptoms of H1N1, and so we went to urgent care. All of the kids were prescribed Tamiflu. They also got to keep the face-masks handed out at urgent care – we were quite the sight and had a whole section of the waiting area all to ourselves.

After a week of Tamiflu for the kids and the whole family going stir-crazy being quarantined in our home, no one else got sick. No one.

So, three kids had H1N1, the rest of the family didn’t get sick even though we were exposed (and in very close quarters) for more than a week.

Therefore, no H1N1 vaccinations in our home – we don’t need them. We’ve already got our immunization.

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