Play Quidditch the Muggle Way!

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Since the first Harry Potter book came out eleven years ago, people have been coming up with various ways to adapt the game of Quidditch for those of us who, sadly, lack such things as flying broomsticks. I confess I’ve not played any of them, but mostly because none of them really sounded like that much fun.

I came across a new Quidditch adaptation that looks like it’d be great fun, if one can get enough players together. Not only does it have the players run with broomsticks between their legs, but, in what I think is a great innovation, the Golden Snitch is played by a person, and seekers “capture” him by removing a sock Velcro-ed to him. It looks like it would be great for a group of adults or kids, though it might be a bit expensive to buy a lot of small brooms for the latter case.

Here’s a great (and funny) video from Howcast showing how to play it. Enjoy!

(via That’s Fit)

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