Nerd InvasionNerd Invasion

Nerd Invasion

Those who missed this summer’s annual Nerdapalooza celebration will be pleased to learn that a second Florida-based geeky music and culture event is in the works for later this year. Slated for November 6th and 7th at Silver Screen Entertainment Complex in Pensacola, the aptly named Nerd Invasion promises music, movies, gaming and cosplay. Also beer.

A joint venture of Florida native online clothier NerdRockstar and Kansas’s foremost not-for-profit entertainment company Scrub Club, Nerd Invasion looks to be your only chance to experience nerdcore hip-hop performances, CCG and console tournaments and a special at-dawn showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show all under one roof. But what could’ve possibly inspired such a motley assortment of across-the-board geekery?

This event is modeled after one of those awesome Lock-In’s you remember from your younger days except that this Lock-In got some of the same serum as Bruce Banner and went crazy on you.

The doors will open at 7pm on Friday, and we will slowly take over the complex until we have run all of the civilians off. And then we will rock the house all through the night until NOON the next day. The complex is made up of FOUR separate theaters. Each theater is basically a large ballroom. We will pwn them all.

Should you care to join in said pwnage, pre-sale tickets are available now for a scant $10. Full information is available at the event’s official site. Be there and be square!

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