Epilog Mystery Box Contest Reminder

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maarten_2maarten_2If you submit your mystery box entry two weeks from today, you’ll be a day too late. That’s right, you’re looking at the last few days of our contest. Check out one of our submissions, Maarten Vanderstoel’s enigmatic Lights and Sound Mystery Box:

The Mystery Box challenge really inspired me. As soon as I read the info and watched J.J. Abrams speech, I started scrounging for parts. Everything on the box is hand made. The panels were purchased pre routed but blank. I stained and hand painted each one. All sides were sanded to look aged. The top is a puzzle to be figured out. I made the spring loaded buttons by cutting dowels and attatching a spring. Everthing was soldered to a bread board attached to one 9v battery. The voice is a module from “the Shack.”

Get your entries in! The deadline is September 30th. Here are the rules. You have everything you need… what are you waiting for?

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