Is President Obama an Alien — a Real Alien?!



You’ve surely heard the claims made by some that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. We at GeekDad have uncovered evidence of an even more incredible possibility: We believe that Mr. Obama was not only not born in America, but is actually a being from another planet.

Ridiculous, you say? Then you obviously haven’t seen the photographs of Mr. Obama fencing with a toy lightsaber on the White House lawn yesterday. He seems awfully comfortable with the weapon, doesn’t he? Add that to his well-known cool temperament, and one is forced to conclude that the president is a Jedi Knight, and so must be from the “galaxy far, far away” in which the Star Wars stories are set.

Photo that illustrated Obama's former Senate website.Photo that illustrated Obama's former Senate website.

Photo from Pres. Obama's former Senate website

But wait! It’s not that simple. What about the photo to the right, which I presented as evidence back in November that Mr. Obama is a geek? What if, instead of mere geekiness, he was actually demonstrating that he, like Superman, is a native of the planet Krypton? It would explain how he managed to endure the grueling primary and general election campaigns last year without getting ruffled.

And there is yet more! As he showed at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner three months ago, he is adept at producing the Vulcan salute. The New York Times even printed a picture of Obama looking like Spock, which they claim is an illustration, but what if it isn’t? What if he really is a Vulcan, and this is a photograph taken before the expert plastic surgery that made him appear human? Can we really know for certain?

So, what say you? Is President Obama a native of Coruscant (or Tatooine or Shili), Krypton or Vulcan? No matter which, he must not be from this planet! Now, if we could just figure out which planet Vice President Biden is from.

Top photo: Charles Dharapak/AP

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