Eight Piratical Apps For Your ayePhone

Hacking the Holidays

What better way to help celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day than to waste some of the day messing around with your favorite gadget?
Okay, there are probably lots of better things to do, especially if our other halves have anything to do with it, but the iTunes App Store has a bountiful supply of Pirate themed apps and here’s a small selection of our favorites to whet your appetite and get you ready for the big day.


There are plenty of apps like this one in the App Store, some are free (Pocket Pirate, Free Pirate sounds), but none match the ease of use of the 99¢ ayePhone – just tap the Skull & Crossbones to hear a pirate phrase. Perfect.
Pirate TweetsPirate Tweets
Pirate Tweets

A great little app that does all of the same kind of things that a regular basic Twitter client does, except that this one translates all your tweetings (incoming and outgoing) into Pirate-ease without you having to do a thing.
Ninja or Pirate?Ninja or Pirate?
Ninja or Pirate?

If you couldn’t decide which way to go in our recent Great Geek Debate, answer a series of questions and let this app tell you which one you are.
Pirate Insult GeneratorPirate Insult Generator
Pirate Insult Generator

A simple app that will give you a random Pirate insult from over 7 million possible combinations. Fine if you just want to say them out loud, but pony up a buck for the Pirate Utility version and you can email or tweet your insult directly from the app and have the added bonus of a Pirate Translator.
Pirate MatchPirate Match
Pirate Match

A Piratical themed version of the classic pairs matching game – hunt for parrots, hooks, cutlasses and so on, over a backdrop of a Galleon at sunset.
Name GeneratorName Generator
Name Generator

A quick way to find out what to call yourself should you ever decide to set sail for the high seas and take up piracy. Be warned: This app also has other themes for the names entered – Mafia, Medieval etc. – and the one directly below Pirate is Stripper, so be careful with the little ones.
Skeleton KeySkeleton Key
Skeleton Key

A fun, 10 level freebie puzzler, where you have to move your keys to the treasure chests to unlock them. The tricky part being that the keys all move at the same time and you can’t move them up at all – forcing you to think a few moves in advance to get them all opened.
Octo's TalesOcto's Tales
Octo’s Tales

A simple game for the kids – move Octo left and right so he can fire a cannonball at the ‘foes’ being dropped from the UFO flying above him!!!! He does have a pirate hat on and is on a pirate ship, honestly.
Did I mention Octo is an octopus?

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