Have Some Darwin-Inspired Fun with Charlie’s Playhouse

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(Image: Charlie's Playhouse)(Image: Charlie's Playhouse)

(Image: Charlie's Playhouse)

Amy Cottrell of Geek Parenting posted this excellent post about Charlie’s Playhouse, a unique website selling toys and games inspired by Charles (“Charlie”) Darwin. You can even see her kids really getting into the Giant Timeline playmat. Charlie’s Playhouse looks to be a website full of high quality, truly educational toys that help your kids learn about evolution. I know what is going on my Christmas list!

The website also contains reviews of 89 different books on evolution for kids, and they have other resources for teachers and parents. It sounds like they only have a few products now, but will have many more in the future. Current products are geared toward kids 4 to 10. Future products will be for older and younger children, too.

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