Plans Underway to Honor Gary Gygax with Statue


Photograph of Gary Gygax. The photo was taken ...Photograph of Gary Gygax. The photo was taken ...
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The Janesville Gazette reports that Gail Carpenter Gygax, wife of late Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, is currently seeking to have a statue built in Gary’s honor in his hometown of Lake Geneva, WI. Working with a local attorney, Gail hopes to begin raising money for the project soon, with an official fundraiser planned for next year’s Gen Con, the annual gaming convention that Gygax himself founded. “Big names” in gaming and film have reportedly already contacted Gail regarding the project and, presumably, its funding.

The memorial statue would serve as somewhat of a resting place for his legacy in his hometown, which he loved so much, Gail said.

“That is my mission, to get that (statue) as an appreciation for what he gave people throughout the world,” she said.

“Through his games, these men and women developed lifelong relationships,” she added. “His games taught them friendship and respect and teamwork. It was more than a game; it was life.”

We can only hope that this statue will, in fact, be an Iron Golem: a monolithic creature of enchanted metal, nigh impervious to attack. Gary deserves no less.

Original story available at The Janesville Gazette, via Twitter

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