Tyrian for the iPhone

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tyrian_iphonetyrian_iphoneI’ve noticed a slew of old arcade games finding their way to the iPhone. Tyrian, originally released for DOS in 1995, was one I spent entirely too much time playing. I still remember installing it on my first Pentium computer, a screaming fast 60Mhz with 16MB of RAM. Given the meager requirements of the old games, it is no surprise that developers are cherry picking the highly playable ones for porting to the iPhone.

For those of you not familiar with the game, Tyrian is a top scrolling shooter much like 1942, Raiden or Sky Force. Set in the year 20,031, the story starts as Trent Hawkins discovers some horrible things about the Microsol corporation. After the death of his friend, Buce, Trent starts on his first mission, escaping from the Microsol controlled Tyrian. From there the missions get more treacherous and the bosses get more deadly. Fortunately for our hero he can scrape up enough cash on each mission to purchase upgrades to his ship. Will bigger weapons or better shields get Trent through the next mission alive?

Tyrian for the iPhone is very playable, maybe a bit too playable. I’ve played it a few times to “wind down” before bed time and glanced up later to realize it was 2am. The controls are intuitive, the missions are challenging, and overall it is just fun. I recommend you give it a shot, and if $1.99 is too rich, try the free version first.

Wired: Game-play that is true to the original. Graphics and sound are great for nostalgic geeks. My 9yo son thinks it rocks.

Tired: Sound is a little quiet on the speaker. Some levels are a little dark. No tilt control (yet?).

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