Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Sorry to Be Missing Comic-Con


sdccsdccIt’s July again, another Comic-Con has kicked off in San Diego, and yet again I’m not there. I would love to be writing GeekDad posts from my hotel room, but instead I read the host of tweets from people who are there and sigh heavily. To prevent myself from weeping out of sheer envy, I console myself with carefully considered reasons. Here are the best ten I’ve come up with so far:

10. I can just stop reading all the tweets from folks who are there, because I’m not addicted to Twitter. Really. Not at all.

9. It’d be hard to justify flying to San Diego to my wife, considering that we haven’t taken a proper family vacation since, well, ever.

8. Why should I pay to fly across the country to see people like Bruce Campbell, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, and Eliza Dushku, when I can see them on TV and DVD for free?

7. I haven’t been into comic books since high school, and that’s all the convention’s really about, right? I mean, why else would they call it “Comic-Con?”

6. My sense of smell is just as strong as it ever was, but I’m not as good at holding my breath as I was when I was young. And I’ve been at enough multi-day conventions in my time to be able to pretty clearly imagine the pungent aroma that will be emanating from many of the attendees.

5. I can just get the free iPhone app and pretend I’m there, and that’ll save me the time and expense.

4. I’m supposed to take my kids to LEGO Club on Saturday, and watching them make cool Space Police stuff will be just as much fun as going around to all the cool tables at the con. Right?

3. One of the Comic-Con exclusives this year is a pink Darth Vader head, with 10% of the proceeds going towards breast cancer research. I’m all for donating money to worthy causes such as this, but some things are just wrong, and anything involving “pink” and “Darth Vader” is among them.

2. There’s a coastal flood advisory for the San Diego area, and the Convention Center is right on the water! It’s not worth putting my life on the line for!

1. I would hate to go when none of my fellow GeekDads is going, because you know how we geeks hate to do anything awesomely cool and then talk about it endlessly to our friends and colleagues.

If you have any more suggestions, please leave a comment, because I’m not sure how much longer this self-delusion self-affirmation is going to work. I’ll just keep repeating “There’s always next year, there’s always next year …”

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