How To Crowdsource A Villain

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I’ve been doing the rounds on the RPG blogs again recently looking for ideas and content for an upcoming game. I found the usual sites full of ideas but I came across a new site that looks like it could be on to something.

logologoNevermet Press have took the idea of blog carnivals and collaborations between multiple sites to the next level. You hear about it everywhere these days but crowd sourcing seems to be working for these guys.

Taking the theme of villains you will be treated to a new villain every two weeks and between those dates you will find a constant stream of background data, encounters, locations and the general information that turns a plain Non-Player Character into the your campaign’s bad guy. While the material they are producing is system neutral they are also using the power of the blog and encouraging writers out there to create stat blocks for their favorite system as well as creating their own work based on the villain and once published they get linked to from the main Nevermet Press website during their distributed workshop for each villain.

The first publishing cycle has just finished up with the second due to go live on the 20th July 2009. Whilst you can appreciate the work that has already went into the first villain I’ve been lucky enough to read over some of the content for the next two villains and I was floored by how good their work is.

Later in the year they will be publishing the works in pdf and hard copy format as well as producing a weekly column at Kobold Quarterly.

I should also point out that by the very nature of crowdsourcing they are always on the look out for writers, artist and cartographers for future work so if you fancy yourself as having a little bit of talent and want to get published then get in touch via their website.

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