Top 10 Reasons That Superheroes Disappear

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While the recent disappearance of the governor of South Carolina was eventually explained as a mundane case of sexual misadventure, it started me wondering:

What would be a mundane excuse for disappearing in a superhero universe (assuming disappearing wasn’t one of your powers, of course)?

A quick list:

Adam Strange from DC ComicsAdam Strange from DC Comics

Adam Strange from DC Comics

10. Retire rather than be hounded by an uncaring government/public.

9. Secretly kidnapped and replaced by a Skrull (Marvel) or a Durlan. (DC.)

8. Secretly kidnapped and replaced by a clone/shapeshifter.

7. “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

Would You Want to Go Home?Would You Want to Go Home?

Would You Want to Go Home? image from DC comics

6. Sent back to the dawn of time by Darkseid.

5. Hypertime!

4. Accidentally stumbled into mirror universe.

3. Armor was taken over via remote control.

2. held captive on Paradise Island and didn’t see the need to escape.

and….finally…the number one explanation:

1. Got caught in a Zeta Beam and transported to Rann.

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