Pretzel Roller Coaster Contest Boasts Big Prizes

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pretzelpretzelWhile West Coast GeekDads are making plans for MakerFaire, East Coast geeks have been sulking. But here’s something that’s only open to us Mid-Atlantic geeks. (Actually, it’s also open to non-geeks, but it’s hard to picture anyone but a geek winning this one.)

It’s the Snyder’s Pretzel Coaster Build-Off. The top six pretzel roller coasters will win free trips to Busch Gardens to compete in the finals this summer. The winner of that event gets passes to a bunch of theme parks and, you guessed it, a year’s supply of pretzels.

The geektastic concept here is: build a roller coaster out of pretzels (and glue), take a photo and upload it on the contest webpage.

Now, it doesn’t look like the coasters actually have to work, but as a geek I see little point to building a roller coaster that doesn’t. Seems to me that since you can use any type of Snyder’s brand pretzel, you could use the little waffle ones as railings and make a serviceable marble raceway.

If you choose to enter, make sure you read the rules (PDF), since there are a couple of oddities stuck in there, such as residency restrictions and, for some reason, size restrictions for your coaster. (No more than four feet high? Isn’t bigger better when it comes to coasters?)

Like all contests, this one says “no purchase necessary,” but I don’t see how else you’re going to get the Snyder’s brand pretzels required for the build. Deadline is June 15.

(This article was written by new GeekDad writer Tom Angleberger.)

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