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Geodesic Dome HomeGeodesic Dome Home

Geodesic Dome Home

While I’ll never lose my love for Legos, after 30+ years I would like to move on to bigger projects. I don’t have the will to build ginormous Lego projects like the folks here, here, and here. For one, my wife would disown me and two I would not have anywhere to keep it & would eventually have to dismantle it. So I need something that the wife can enjoy and something that has a sense of permanency. To the rescue comes the Timberline Dome Home.

Billed as the ultimate shape for an efficient use of space, geodesic dome homes have been around for decades. Timberline offers a line of partially pre-constructed homes that are made in the shape of a geodesic dome. Depending on the package, the company will ship pre-cut & pre-drilled wooden panels and struts along with the specially designed steel connector to ensure that your dome’s panels form perfect hexagons.

Many of the company’s customers have taken on the task of constructing their homes themselves. The website reads, “Two people can complete the framework for even the largest dome in less than two days.” I guess that all depends on the “two people” that are doing the building (it would not be me and the Mrs.). Check out the website’s scrapbook for a few blow-by-blow construction diaries (note: some links are orphaned).

Now, I just need to convince my wife that this will be a project well worth the effort. We’ve always talked about having a second home in the country. Why not make a project out of it while we are at it? Top this off with a mini-astronomical observatory dome housed in the cupola and I’d be in heaven!

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