Can’t Stop The Music: Women’s Showcase



Photo by: Anton Olsen

On Sunday the wife and I packed up the eldest geeklet and headed into Dallas for a fund raiser for Equality Now. Can’t Stop The Serenity of North Texas was sponsoring a Women’s showcase featuring 5 different acts. We couldn’t stay for the entire show but I still managed to have fun and hear three awesome performances.

We arrived in the middle of Kristina Morland‘s set. Kristina has a wonderful dreamy voice that really fit well with her simple melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Her first album features a photograph of a fractal cauliflower.

My daughter really enjoyed listening to Morning Elephant, though she did think they were a little too loud at times. We picked up their EP and a couple band members were kind enough to sign it.

Lorin Bernsen was there to draw caricatures of the performers and audience. While Morning Elephant was playing he drew this awesome caricature of Marian complete with moose and typewriter. Hannah talked me into giving a donation so she could get her caricature done. She sat very still and somber until Marian did a funny dance to make her smile.

Marian Call– Marian is the main reason we went to the show. I have been a fan of her music online and follow her on twitter, but had not seen her perform live. If you haven’t seen her perform live, do so as soon as you can. Marian has an amazing voice and it should really be heard live. I had a chance to talk with Marian before and after her set, and she even signed her Vanilla CD for me.

The event was a benifit for Equality Now, a non-profit that is working to end violence and discrimination world wide. Can’t Stop the Serenity has many events around the country and they often involve women’s talent, Joss Whedon films (specifically Serenity) and trivia and prizes. Look for an event in your area and attend, the proceeds go to a good cause and it is a lot of fun. The screening of Serenity in Dallas will be July 11th and my family and I will be attending.

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