Pleo’s Meteor Arrives in the Form of a Recession

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Pleo_extinct_2Pleo_extinct_2 Ugobe has officially laid off all of its employees and filed bankruptcy. The future of the Pleo is looking rather bleak unless they find a buyer during liquidation. Anyone out there jumping in line to buy the technology and brand?

I have considered buying a Pleo in the past, but never could get past the $300 price tag. I just checked Amazon though, and they have the Pleo in stock for $150! We’ll see if I give in and buy one before they sell out. Anyone think the remaining stock will show up on Woot soon?

And, if you have some mad photoshop skillz, head over to Engadget and post up your own photo of the pleo going extinct. There are a number of good ones already, including the one pictured here.

via Engadget
photo: Engadget

[update] It appears Amazon has jacked the price up to 199 now, still free shipping.

[update 2] Amazon is now out of stock. The current 3rd party price is 221. Too rich for me.

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