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There are now three homeschooling parents (Russ , Jenny and me) on the GeekDad team, and I know many other homeschoolers love the site. Recently a commenter asked if there were any “other geeky homeschooling blogs” out there. Here are some that I follow or that come highly recommended, written by homeschooling parents (all moms, as it happens) with a variety of methods and styles but a shared love of doing hands-on science at home. Feel free to add your own favorite homeschooling (or after-schooling) geek parenting blogs in the comments.

At Home Science
Written by Kris, with a background as an emergency department physician assistant and community college instructor, this is the home of the “Science Saturday Challenge.” These are experiments she does with her kids with an invitation to readers to join in.

Traveling Jews
Ruth in North Carolina, a retired physician, blogs about the science labs she teaches to groups of homeschoolers, both younger kids and teens. She shows and tells about lots of interesting activities, such as creating DNA double helixes out of gumdrops.

The Exploration Station
KC is a former scientist with clinical laboratory experience in microbiology, forensic DNA, and medical genetics. This blog is a recent and more science-focused spin-off of her blog Growing in Peace, which also has lots of ideas like discovery bottles.

Socks and Books
Lorna is a homeschooling mom and artist in England whose kids always seem ready to tackle activities like making neuron keychains from beads. They’re also enthusiastic participants in the challenges thought up by the next blog:

Described as “a program designed to encourage kids to think outside the box,” Think! is on Week 33 of a series of open-ended engineering challenges. Most consist of taking ordinary household items and building specific creations, such as Rice Crispy art.

Farm School
Becky, a native New Yorker transplanted to a farm on the Canadian prairie, is the most erudite homeschooling blogger I know. Although her topics range far and wide, she delves deeply and thoroughly into science topics like evolution, coming up with an amazing array of online and print resources.

(Photo: The Exploration Station)

Kathy Ceceri’s ArtBot Inventor’s Workshop will be traveling to libraries around the Northeastern US this summer.

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