My Transformation to Cyborg Has Begun!

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I now officially have synthetic parts of my body. As our podcast listeners will already know, I just had surgery to fix two damaged disks in my spine. The surgeons went in through my abdomen, moved all the various organs aside, and then replaced the two disks. The disks were each replaced with a special plastic ring containing a synthetic bone-like material, and then—here’s the part I like the best—secured together with a titanium plate bolted to my spine. You can see the X-rays of my lower spine, post-surgery, to the right; look at the large view if you want to read the labels.

I feel that, considering the large amount of pain and discomfort I’ve been through so far in the recovery process (though I’m home from the hospital, thank goodness), I deserve to be able to look at the coolness factor involved. There’s not much that’s cool about having to take pain medication, use a cane, and go up and down stairs more slowly than I ever have before, but I figure I’m one tiny step closer to being Wolverine with the titanium bolted to my spine.

I just wish I had a little of his healing ability. Is that too much to ask?

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