Hurry! Wil Wheaton Needs Your Vote One More Time!


Last week we asked you to help fellow geek dad and friend of the blog Wil Wheaton make it to the final round in Paul and Storm’s Geek Madness Tournament. And, man, did you ever come through! Wil made it to the final face-off with Joss Whedon with plenty of room to spare.

But now Wil needs your vote again! As of this writing, he’s 433 votes down, but I know that if we can rally the GeekDad readers to his cause by Sunday night, he can win this thing. Please understand, we at GeekDad love Joss’s work, from Buffy to Firefly/Serenity to Dr. Horrible (though the jury’s still out on Dollhouse). But, as anyone who’s read his blog or his books knows, Wil is a committed lifelong geek (as I think the picture proves) and a great dad as well, so we know in our hearts he’d be a better choice for Secretary of Geek Affairs.

So please, don’t wait, vote now and spread the word! Let’s get The GeekDad Effect in motion.

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