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Internet notoriety is a strange and wonderful thing. A fellow can literally spend years blogging about the geekier side of music and culture and merely make ripples in the nerdcore underground, but then one day he gets a stylized d20 tattooed on his arm and is suddenly Boing Boinged within an inch of his life. That is how GeekDad found me, and that in itself was a genuine treat.

After a little back-and-forth with the other GeekDads and a cameo spot on the podcast, I thanked the guys for their hospitality and let them know that I’d be more than happy to field any other questions they might have about nerdy music in the future. Editor Ken Denmead took me up on this offer immediately by inviting me to contribute. I gladly joined the ranks and completed what I like to think of as the Carolina Triad with fellow writers Michael Harrison  and Brian Little.

While I easily fell into the unofficial position of "music guy," I, like my fellow contributing GeekParents, tend to write as much about my children’s passions as I do my own. Though I’ve gotten the chance to interview musical luminaries like Jonathan Coulton, review albums from the likes of Robert Schneider and even co-host the HipTrax podcast,  my favorite GeekDad post sprang from an idle afternoon spent with my son. While he sat engrossed in Transformers Animated, I penned the framework for what became "Less Than Meets the Eye: The 12 Most Ridiculous Transformers of All Time." It was, to my mind, a funny little puff piece in which I lovingly lampooned my favorite cartoon/toy line of all time. The finished product was snarky and silly and a ton of fun, to me at least. To my fellow fanboys: not so much.

Still, I see it as my personal take on the kind of post that I truly believe makes GeekDad such great blog to visit; it blends humor, simple observation, geeky over-analyzation and the joys of modern parenting into a delightful pop culture frappé. Which is, much like revenge, best served cold.

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