R.I.P. Hans Beck, “Father of Playmobil”

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Hansbeck_2Hansbeck_2There is sad news in the world of toys: Hans Beck, the inventor of the Playmobil line of toys, died Friday in his native Germany, at the age of 79. The line of toys is known for its consistent quality, simplicity, and educational value.

Beck created the first Playmobil figures in 1974, and since then helped steer the toy line’s development of a huge number of sets and figures based on numerous themes. The line is remarkable in the toy world for having stayed true to its original concept, eschewing electronic and mechanical features for the very basic plastic Beck started with. Brandstätter, the company that makes Playmobil, has promised to stay true to Beck’s motto, which translates to "no horror, no superficial violence, no short-lived trends."

We at GeekDad are sad to hear of Herr Beck’s passing, and express our condolences to his family and friends. His invention will surely live on for many years to come, and enrich the lives of millions more children, giving him a kind of immortality few people can be said to achieve.

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