For the GeekBaby in Your Life: I Love Science Onesies

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What greater joy exists for a GeekDad than swaddling the tiniest of his brood in nerdy splendor? Actually, there are several, but dressing your kids up extra geeky is still a treat.

With this in mind, NeatoRama has recently unveiled a new selection of science-themed onesies and toddler t-shirts. Not only can your little one now "heart" anatomy and biology, she can even "<3" computer science. With additional selections like chemistry, engineering, and genetics, all the bases are aptly covered. But let’s be realistic here, no baby loves parasitology.

And before anyone decides to lob the why-would-you-dress-your-kid-in-an-I-Love-Math-t-shirt grenade, let us all stop for a moment and reflect on whether or not your own infants are genuinely Raiders fans. Glass houses, my friends. Glass houses.

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