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Cyberdyne_tshirt_01Cyberdyne_tshirt_01Sick of business casual? Just realized that your Tee-shirt collection has been sadly neglected over the years?  Like movie trivia?  I think the folks at Nerdoh! are the ticket to get you back in the game.

In case the company name doesn’t give it away, Nerdoh’s Tee-shirts are aimed at a geeky crowd, specifically those who revel in the minutiae of cult movies and TV shows.  Designs include logos for fictitious companies, locations and obscure references featured in classic films and TV shows like Dawn of the Dead, Batman: The Dark Knight, The Crow, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Wars and Star Trek

Yes, you can rock a Black Knight tour shirt, featuring the Black Knight’s logo on the front and a list of places visited by the Knights of the Round Table (ala a concert tour tee), including Castle Aaaargh, Camelot and the Bridge of Death.  Wear a Cross Roads Mall shirt the next time you’re on a zombie walk.  Or, how about smugly displaying your knowledge of Indiana Jones trivia via a Barnett College Tee-shirt?  The next time you’re at a club, opt for the Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes/ Mos Eisley Cantina shirt.  Depending on the venue, you may get pummeled if anyone gets the reference, but at least you can hit the floor knowing your geek cred is firmly intact.

I’m kind of partial to this Cyberdyne Systems/ Skynet number inspired by the Terminator movies myself…

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