Nimoy to Appear on “Shatner’s Raw Nerve”

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Time to program the DVR, Trekkers. Leonard Nimoy is scheduled to be Bill’s guest on "Shatner’s Raw Nerve" this Tuesday January 6 (10PM EST/9PM CST) on the Biography Channel. The episode guide at gives the following description:

Host William Shatner reunites with original "Star Trek" costar Leonard Nimoy for an intimate conversation. As the two old friends reminisce, Nimoy shares childhood stories and lessons he’s learned in his career with Shatner for the first time. Nimoy talks about his passion for photography, his new book and the number one love in his life.

For those that do not get the Biography Channel, some episodes have been posted after their original broadcast date on the "Shatner’s Raw Nerve" video page. No word as to if/when the Nimoy interview will make it to the Interweb… on the official site, that is. I would imagine the first re-broadcasts will appear on YouTube mere nanoseconds after its first air date.

This is the first season of Shatner’s edgy, interview show. So far on the series, Bill has interviewed Valerie Bertinelli, Tim Allen, Jenna Jameson, Jimmy Kimmel, Kelsey Grammer and Judge Judy. An interview with Jon Voight is scheduled for broadcast later in the month.

Via Slice of SciFi

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