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I think it’s safe to say that everyone who’s ever watched the original Star Trek series has wanted to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair. Not only would it be awesome to be in command of the Enterprise, but it’s also clearly the most comfortable chair on the ship—not to mention the only one with armrests. Well, now you can sit in a replica of Kirk’s chair right in your own home, provided you don’t mind spending several thousand dollars for it.

The replica is very true to the original, and even has sound effects and lights that, all things considered, are probably better than those on the TV show. Unfortunately, it sells for $2,717.01, which—while cleverly getting the "1701" in there—is a heck of a lot money, and (not too unreasonably, given its size and, probably, weight) it costs $400 more to ship.

So now we know what all the rich geeks will be purchasing for themselves. They’ll just have to figure out where to put it, since Star Trek chic doesn’t go with most decors.

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