Harry Potter Science Kits Are Not an Oxymoron

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I got an alert about these Scholastic Harry Potter science kits from a homeschooling mom who recommends them highly. According to the seller’s website, Home and Family:

The Harry Potter Activity Kits have been honored by The Oppenheim
Toy Portfolio and Parenting For High Potential Magazine! They are a great item for any fan or collector. The activities within are a great way to get children to enjoy learning about subjects like science.

The kits are sold individually and in a set of 11 or 13. Activities include:

  • Flight (Please note that this particular kit comes inside of a manufacturer returned package)
  • Tracking
  • Optics
  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Unpredictable Potions
  • Spiders & Snakes
  • Sounds of Hogwarts
  • Secret Sightings
  • Herbology & Other Plant Sciences
  • Invisible Inks & Secret Codes

These kits were originally sold through a book club and were not available to the general public.  They are no longer being made by the company.  Because of this, some of these kits are difficult to find.  Others are no longer in existence. If you’re interested, check them out – there even appears to be a sale!

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