GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: The Tile Trial – Solution

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No Ballyhoo Beast for puzzler Bill Joseph who was among the correct answers to win a $50 coupon code to ThinkGeek! Thanks to all who submitted answers. Check the solution after the jump to get your ThinkGeek code for $10 off of your next purchase of $30 or more.


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The coming of age ritual on Nebari is three stages. In the final stage, a young Nebarian must solve a problem before the sands of an hourglass are spent. At that time, the horrible Ballyhoo beast will be released and devour the initiate. Young Xybor is facing the final phase and must arrange eight tiles in a grid so that all adjacent symbols on each tile match. No tile may be rotated or flipped.


What is the arrangement that Xybor must place before time runs out?


Xybor tries his best and successfully arranges the tiles as follows:


Unfortunately, it was not fast enough and he was summarily eaten by the Ballyhoo Beast.

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