Cool Little Parenting Rituals – Lunchbag Edition

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Lunch_bag_artLunch_bag_artI know many of you GeekDads do cool little things for your kids everyday. But I am just so impressed by the dad who creates these daily for his family.

Here is all the information he gives on his website, Lunch Bag Art :

A new bag each day for my kids.
I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break.

According to his Twitter stream, the materials he uses are paint markers, colored pencil, oil pastels and crayon. "Whatever is lying around, basically." Oh, and underneath every image, "there are wondrous treasures beyond the link."

And like I said, he’s not the only one. Disposable Drawings has his own, equally geeky style. Here’s his story:

Lunchbags_kirkbotdevilbotLunchbags_kirkbotdevilbotThe Birth of Lunchbots

Since April of 2008, I’ve been mostly telecommuting. I started packing my wife and step-son’s lunches (our daughter prefers to buy her lunch at school). After a while of doing that, I started putting notes in their lunches. One day, I decided to put doodles on their bags.
… I decided to call them Lunchbots because they are robots drawn on lunch bags. (I suppose that goes without saying, but I say things that go without saying all the time.)
I’ve been posting daily updates of Lunchbots pretty much since then.

So, what little rituals do GeekDads out there have that shows your kids how much you think of them?

Kathy Ceceri blogs with her kids at Home Biology and is the author of Around the World Crafts: Great Activities for Kids who Like History, Math, Art, Science and More!

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