“Press A”, Sings the Audio Gamer

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Over on my Game People site we’ve been developing a bunch of different niche gaming writers. Today is a special day for us though. We launched a new writer (or should we say singer) Rebecca Mayes.

Vocalizing the woes and wonders of many gaming girlfriends, every other week she’ll be singing her way through the good and the great of her gaming experiences with a new song. As she puts it:

I am inspired by that edge where two distant and separate things meet. What I am interested in is the collision of my own creative world with the creativity of the gaming world.

Her first song has a Christmassy-Nintendo theme and is called "Press A".
Hop over to the site to have a listen, or grab the podcast to stay up to date with all her songs.

Or you can listen in this embedded player.

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