Merry Christmas, from GeekDad

Hacking the Holidays

For those of our readers who celebrate this big day, we at GeekDad would like to wish you all the best – health for you and your family, and happiness in the coming year.  We’ve had a pretty spectacular year here at GeekDad (here being a figurative concept, since those of us who make up the GeekDads are located from California to Virgina, Texas to Minnesota, up to Canada, across the pond to England, and all the way down and over to Australia), and we owe it all to our wonderful readers who keep coming back, often leave informative comments, and even send us pointers to new and wonderful things to check out.  GeekDad is a community blog for a community of readers that spans the world, all sharing the desire to raise our kids in our own geeky image. Thank you all for being a part of it!


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