It Was Tordek in the Dragon’s Lair with the Scroll of Fireball!

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The last time you played Clue with your family, you probably thought to yourself, "I wonder why nobody’s made a Dungeons & Dragons version of this!"

What’s that you say? You’ve never had that thought? That can only mean that the folks at USAopoly and Wizards of the Coast are trailblazers, because they’ve gone ahead and done just that. It’s essentially the same game Clue has always been, except that in this case an archmage has been murdered by a doppelganger, who has now taken the form of one of the player (D&D) characters, the weapons are such things as a vorpal sword and a mace of disruption, and the rooms are more appropriate as well. In a nice little twist, they’ve added an optional Monster Challenge rule that gives players the chance to win special abilities by beating a monster with a die roll.

In another nice touch, the game pieces are unpainted miniatures, different from the official D&D ones but in the same style. The art is done in a very D&D kind of style as well.

I haven’t played it yet, but I have to think that if you like regular Clue, you’ll like this at least as much, since it’s essentially the same game. The only problem with it I can see is that it only has regular six-sided dice.

Update: I have grievously erred. Despite a recent reference to the game I happened upon, it seems it was actually produced seven years ago, and is now out of print! My humblest apologies to our readers, and my thanks to El Zahir for pointing it out.

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