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Though thoughts concerning the antisocial leanings of geeks and gamers are already well entrenched in the modern mindset, the simple truth is that we like to get together. We prefer to amass at irregular intervals throughout the year in hulking, uncouth (and occasionally unwashed) masses. Sometimes we gather in Washington to champion our favorite web comic, and we call this PAX. Occasionally we converge on Atlanta to celebrate fantasy and tech culture and call it Dragon Con. Hell, we’ve even been known to descend on San Diego under the auspicious banner of Comic-Con International. But when we meet each year in Virginia to enjoy the best that videogaming has to offer, we simply call it MAGfest.

The Music and Gaming Festival celebrates its seventh anniversary next month, and, while the festivities are bigger than ever, the event retains its classic focus on the fans themselves. Instead of ridiculously long lines and crowded show floors featuring flashy demo tables with very little actual substance, MAGfest treats visitors to a laid-back, social environment boasting tons of fan-made art, films and music, and ample room to breath.

This year’s festival takes place at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, VA from January 1st through 4th. Highlights include a 10,000 square foot gaming room, special guests like composer Jake "virt" Kaufman and Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico, vendors, tournaments and, of course, concerts. An integral part of the MAGfest experience is its focus on videogame music covers and remixes, and MAGfest 7 will feature 4 nights of live performances from the likes of Metroid Metal, temp sound solutions and HipTrax favorite Year 200X. VGM rockers and chiptune artists are also invited to check out this year’s Jamspace, an area specifically devoted to live jamming.

With our economy teetering on the brink of oblivion, MAGfest is surprisingly affordable. You can enjoy this entire geek-tastic weekend for a mere $40 (or $45 at the door). It’s also an excellent chance to see former SEGA music director Howard Drossin, Angry Videogame Nerd James Rolfe and New Adventures of Captain S creators the PBC Productions crew – who may *hint-hint* be a proud sponsor of our 12 Days of Geekmas promotion *hint-hint* – gathered under one roof. You can’t really put a price on something like that.

For more information, see the official MAGfest event site. Make plans to attend now, or risk spending the whole of 2009 in a bottomless pit of existential despair over having missed another landmark event in gamer history.

No pressure or anything.

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