Child’s Play CD 2008: Music for Charity

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Each holiday season, Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity collects money, games, books, and toys for children in hospitals around the world. Started back in 2003 as a way to help gamers give back, Child’s Play has expanded thanks to the continued support of the community, as well as the help the gaming industry and the dedication of a growing list of celebrity nerds.

This year, the greater geeky music community also lends its support to the cause in the form or the Child’s Play CD 2008 compilation. Helmed by Mustin (of OneUps fame), the album features Penny Arcade Expo alumni MC Frontalot, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, and Jonathan Coulton as well as game music heavy-hitters like Select Start and The Grammar Club.

At 14 tracks strong, the comp boasts an amazing array of original songs and exclusive arrangements, and sells for a mere $10 at the official Penny Arcade Store. All proceeds from the sale of the disc, of course, go to support Child’s Play, so it’s a great (and charitable) last-minute gift idea for your nerdcore-loving cousin or your favorite blogger. *hint-hint*

Song samples and further info are available at OneUp Studios.

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