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ZombiecoachZombiecoachHappy Halloween to monster scorekeeper Marcelo who receives a $50 gift code to ThinkGeek! Thanks to all who submitted answers. Check out the solution after the jump for your $10 off code.


Special thanks to ThinkGeek for providing our prizes!

Every Halloween season, the monsters gather for a soccer tournament.
This year the Vampires, the Zombies, and the Werewolves play each other in a series of matches. The prize to the winner: a buffet of captured humans that will delight any of the teams’ particular tastes.

Unfortunately, the scorekeeper, a ghoul named Fred, completely botched the results of the tournament. All that could be read was as follows:


One particularly intelligent zombie named Ralph examined the results and said: "At least reading what’s here, if you knew the total number of goals scored by the Vampires, you would be able to fill in the table and find the score in every match."

Complete the table, find the scores of each match and the winner of the tournament.


As Ralph the zombie says, we can deduce the scores of every match and fill in the table if we know how many goals the vampires scored. The total number of goals scored by the vampires must be at least 2 (since the vampires won both their matches). If it is more than 2, you would have multiple solutions and no way of knowing exactly how many goals the vampires scored against the zombies or the werewolves, or whether any goals were scored against the vampires, therefore the vampires "goals for" must be 2.

Vampires v. Zombies was 1–0, and Vampires v. Werewolves was 1–0.
Since the werewolves scored 3 goals (none against the vampires, which they lost) and drew against the zombies, Zombies v. Werewolves was 3–3.

The chart is then completed as follows


Fred is dispatched in a most extreme and violent manner and the Vampires enjoy the spoils of their win with voracious enthusiasm!

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