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Hacking the Holidays

It was a good Halloween at our house again.  We are  lucky – it’s a very kid-friendly neighborhood.  We get upwards of 80-100 kids coming around, and so a number of our friends bring their kids over to our house to go trick-or-treating.  Over the years, it has become something of a social event.  We put on a pot-luck meal, and often have a new box of port from Ficklin for the adults to sip while they walk around the loop watching the kids.  I also enjoy doing up the house in an original manner.  I’m not over-the-top, but I’m creative.  For example, this year I had the watchful eye by Mark Gervais projected on the boys’ bedroom window, and I built a robot whose head was a video I recorded running on a monitor sitting on top.  I’m including a brief tour of the decorations below – it’s not the best quality (my Flip didn’t catch all the details in the dark), but you’ll get the idea.


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