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Jim Schultz of Traverse City, MI is doing RPG outreach at his local public library. He’s hosting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that is planned to span a year’s worth of sessions, and he’s attracting new blood to the hobby:

Conner Hursh, a freshman at Traverse City West Senior High, knew two people when he arrived but quickly made new friends. He plans to return weekly throughout the school year.

"We all have similar tastes so I feel like I belong," said Hursh, whose whole family enjoys role-playing games. "Sometimes being kind of a nerdy kid you don’t always get that feeling at school."

Wizards of the Coast and the RPGA both assist would-be community Dungeon Masters with free adventure kits and online modules, so if you’re looking for something to do, give your local public library a call. Get together with your kids and some new friends and roll some twenties.

Article at the Grand Traverse Herald
Photo by Chorazin

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