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My last cake-related post, highlighting what could only be called the Dark Side of Geek Cakes, drew a couple of suggestions that pointing out poor efforts is, apparently, bad sport. I disagree, but by way of making nice, here’s an absolutely awesome rendition of a Star Wars astromech droid. Now to be perfectly fair, this is the Chevrolet of R2-D2-style cakes — professional grade, rendered in red velvet cake, Rice Krispie treats, white chocolate ganache and chocolate hazelnut buttercream by baker Mark Randazzo of Mark Joseph Cakes.

What I particularly like about this cake are (a) the creative use of "nonstandard" materials (i.e. the Rice Krispie legs), and (b) the fact that the entire construction process is photodocumented, from baking to (almost) consumption. Note that the droid’s recipient is costumed as Boba Fett and his father as Jango — perhaps someone put a bounty on the tasty little guy? In any case, the documentation is invaluable for amateur cake sculptors, and it’s particularly cool that Mark was willing to post what amounts to the engineering documents for his creation.

Note: As the astute commenters at B-side blog note, the red color of the droid’s detailing marks it out not as R2-D2, but as either R4-G9 (which I don’t buy, as G9 is bronze), R2-M5, R2-D1, R2-D4, or R4-P1. I will cede the gap in my geek knowledge to anyone interested in arguing the point. Regardless of its designator, the droid’s recipient seemed more than please.

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