Tron Sequel Footage Shown at ComicCon

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I saw this news last night, read the description of the 3 minutes of footage shown as a surprise at the end of the Disney presentation, and had to fight back geeky tears.  Jeff Bridges in a sequel to Tron (supposedly titled TR2N), over 20 years later, just boggles my geeky mind.  Tron was an absolute favorite of mine as a movie, and the videogame was a classic, too.  If they do this right, it’ll bring every geek over 30 into the theaters.

A vehicle speeds behind him and he jumps in the air, throwing a stick out in front of him and suddenly we’re underneath him as he jumps for it in mid-air, the lightcycle forming around him. He hits the ground running and the lightcycles battle.

They aren’t turning at hard angles anymore, the movement more fluid. The cycles slam into each other, knocking each other around like in a car chase, but the yellow and blue lines don’t touch in any of this.

The yellow cycle runs up on another level with a transparent floor, keeping an eye on the blue below. They get back on the same level and more close calls.

The guy in the blue cycle sees the crack in the wall. THE FISSURE that we know and love. The blue cycle races toward it, barely in the lead and makes the crack, the yellow cycle skidding to a stop within inches of the wall.

Go read the rest of the description over at Ain’t it Cool News.

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