GeekDad Exclusive: See a New Eventide Magic Card Here First

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Eventide_300Eventide_300Excitement is building for Eventide, the latest set in the Shadowmoor block. Interested in the latest and greatest in the world of Magic: The Gathering? Read on.

As the gloom deepens over the world of Shadowmoor, the plane’s eerie transformation is complete. Creatures from the macabre fringes of folklore thrive in the permanent night. Their mix of mischief and malice drives the wholesome elves and the xenophobic kithkin back into their strongholds, opening the door for sinister forces to reign.

Just as the Shadowmoor set turned the plane of Lorwyn on its ear, the Eventide set distorts everything the Shadowmoor set had established. Enemy colors combine and create new strangeness on hybrid cards. Wither, persist and the untap symbol are back, and are joined by new mechanics. Color still matters in Eventide, but just how much it matters might surprise you!

Due for prerelease events in the middle of July and launch parties toward the end of the month, Eventide card spoilers are starting to appear around the web. The GeekDad blog is fortunate to have an exclusive preview of its own.

Click through to see an Eventide card that no one has seen outside the adamantium vaults of Wizards of the Coast!

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Stillmooncavalier_2Stillmooncavalier_2And here it is in all its glory, the super scary Stillmoon Cavalier. Not the toughest monster in the deck, but as you can see you can tap white and black mana to give it all sorts of crazy powers. Plus, protection from white and from black is huge!

Learn more about Eventide on Wizards’ site… they’ve got puzzles and teasers, as well as a schedule of prerelease events and launch parties.

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