GeekFamily Gaming Obsession: Virtual Villagers 3



The GeekMom has been a fan since the original Virtual Villagers.  As soon as Virtual Villagers 2 was available she downloaded it.  This past week she found Virtual Villagers III and it’s become a bit of an obsession in the family.

Virtual Villagers 3:
The Secret City is the (obviously) third installment in the series.
This one has proved the most challenging so far for the GeekMom.
I’ve been working from home a few days over the last week and have heard the following comments come from her:

  • “Is this one old enough to work yet?….Darn.”
  • “Oh good golly – you leave for five seconds and all your workers disappear.”
  • “My Chief doesn’t DO
    anything – he stands there and directs.”
  • “Where’s my Chief?  My Tribal Chief is directing a bush.”

It’s been challenging.  Her first village did not make it, but she’s now gotten through the puzzles and the obstacles to ensure a successful virtual village.  It’s been a good diversion since Wisconsin has seen so much rain lately

Balance is the key, as is shifting your villagers from one task to another.  In the early stages, gathering as much food as possible is important.  Once you figure out a couple of the puzzles, food becomes an easier resource so you can shift your attention to gaining technology points.  These help get other skills and puzzles which will benefit the village.

I think each of the kids has a game going right now at various levels of success.  My youngest son has only men remaining in the village –
not good as he’s pretty far into the game.  He’s hoping for a “barrel of babies” to wash up on the shores of his village before too much more time passes, so his village can continue.  My GeekTeen has proven to be pretty adept at the game as well; now that school is done, she will probably get the village through the challenges in the next couple of days.

With GeekMom figuring out the puzzles and strategies for Virtual Villagers 3, I’m sure she’d go back and play Virtual Villagers 1 and 2 just for fun, but, well,
GeekDad had to reformat her hard-drive a couple of months ago and the license keys were lost…

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